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🍉🍉🍉 Inexpensive Maraiya 💄💄 Escort Bern (28 yrs)


Age: 28yo
Height: 172
Weight: 55
Cup size: Big tits
Body Type: athletic
Eyes: green
Ethnicity: mixed
Meeting with: both (man+woman)
Languages: English, Dutch
A-level (anal): yes
Perfumes: Place des Lices
Hair lenght: short



Incall Outcall
30 min 45€ 1 hour 80€
1 hour 120€ 2 hours 105€
2 hours 165€ 3 hours 150€
3 hours 185€ All night 505€


Pretty face.A little description About her : Now is the time to give your self a chance to meet the girl you have chosen.She will not disappoint you.Her purpose is for long term “fun and business” with gentlemen while travelling in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.sweet and friendly Girl with good impression,arrange her today by contacting agency.


Base country: Switzerland
Base city: Bern
Phone: XXX
E-Mail: Contact Me
Web: Link


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Escort Aliis (21yo)

🍓 Blondie Aliis 🍒🍒🍒 Escort Zürich (21 yrs)


Age: 21
Height: 153 cm / 5'0''
Weight: 61
Cup size: you will like my boobs
Body Type: curvy
Eyes: black
Ethnicity: latina
Meeting with: gentlemen
Languages: English, Spanish
Anal: no
Perfumes: The Federation of Bakers
Hair lenght: long



Incall Outcall
30 min 30€ 1 hour 50€
1 hour 120€ 2 hours 90€
2 hours 180€ 3 hours 150€
3 hours 260€ All night 310€


My breast are small but pert and firm.I am sweet, educated, beautiful, perfect, wonderful, greedy, dengosa, perfect for a good moment of pleasure, I love being in the calm, I am in a private apartment and very fine, I attend without haste.


Base country: Switzerland
Base city: Zürich
Phone: XXX
E-Mail: Contact Me
Web: Link

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Escort Jiratchaya ([MEMRES-12] yrs)

Jiratchaya 🍓


Age: 32
Height: 146 cm / 4'9''
Weight: 66 kg / 146 lbs
Cup size: very large:)
Body Type: medium complection
Eyes: green
Ethnicity: caucasian
Meeting with: man
Languages: English, Portuguese
Anal: no
Perfumes: Roca Perfums
Hair lenght: medium long



Incall Outcall
30 min 60€ 1 hour 0€
1 hour 210€ 2 hours 210€
2 hours 330€ 3 hours 330€
3 hours 470€ All night 730€


Spoping, dinner, date with friends, swimming, holiday.


Base country: Switzerland
Base city: Zug
Phone: XXX
E-Mail: Contact Me
Web: Link

Zug Escort Reviews

By Deer 31.08.2018 in 05:51

luv that little belly

By Tegula 09.09.2018 in 10:22

In my 20's and 30's I was hell bent on success and money and running a company(s) that left little time for serious relationships like marriage..

By Nonloser 10.09.2018 in 21:51

(I'm sorry if this didn't quote correctly, I'm still learning how to use forums)

By Diana 18.09.2018 in 21:27

I suppose you think she'll be less likely to cheat, knowing that the consequences will be final. My question to you is this - even if that were so, is that really the reason you want her to have for not cheating? To control her actions through fear? It's not. You want a girlfriend who doesn't cheat on you because she doesn't want to. Because her heart won't let her. Because she loves you with everything she has and can't get you out of her head. You want a girlfriend who wouldn't cheat on you out of integrity and respect, even if she knew she could get away with it with no consequences.

By Converged 20.09.2018 in 15:21

Dump for the herp,

By Clemente 29.09.2018 in 17:58

However, cheaters that confess usually only tell you the bare minimum of what happened to make it seem not as bad as what TRUELY happened.

By Deerstalker 08.10.2018 in 00:19

Him: really? you didn’t know it was me? you do look great.

By Maldita 13.10.2018 in 15:44

As others have said, I'm sure the women aren't noticing. And if they do happen to notice, as awkward as it may be, it would be extremely flattering.

By Granate 23.10.2018 in 13:04

Being the uber-computer geek that he is, when he moved to the area, he used several online dating sites. At the time of the revelation, it didn't come to me then to ask which ones/whether he was still registered/etc. I mean, I just figured that he'd stopped using them to prowl for other women because he'd been telling me that he loves me.

By Chowk 31.10.2018 in 15:08

Quiet ,shy but love the outdoor.

By Loomer 02.11.2018 in 11:59

You are strong enough to end relationships when you get f'd over instead of sticking around for more. You're strong and you have respect for yourself. I know it sucks, but you know the routine, and you know you'll love again.

By Naohiko 08.11.2018 in 15:54

Admin has given specific instructions to all the approvers, as DU has stated "to error on the side of caution"..they know what to do and have done a great job in following those instructions..some like it, some don't but those are the rules

By Allene 19.11.2018 in 04:42

doops: MrKirby #57809 shaddow #102475 ekisde #103413 gonned #8854 Lokii #41210 jharm7 #3402 h00ray #85001 urbe_ike #41964 ki.llbill #16817

By Devance 24.11.2018 in 20:29


By Cliques 01.12.2018 in 21:49

Thanks Jesse. That was helpful. I appreciate it :-)

By Isert 04.12.2018 in 10:44

Get back to this late.

By Tanked 09.12.2018 in 12:43

So he was cheating on his fiance with you, and his fiance told you that he cheated on her with two other women.

By Restack 16.12.2018 in 18:46

Think about this before answering. And I don't mean if you are hot and men want to have sex with you. I mean a mate that is compatible with you.

By Bisad 21.12.2018 in 10:43

Don't confuse pining with chasing. Chasing is active and decisive; pining is NOT either of those things.

By Taschen 30.12.2018 in 08:40

O_o gorgeous

By Clyde 06.01.2019 in 07:11

It's not 'ridiculous', rather it's been my life experience. Are you calling me out, lady?

By Bshaver 09.01.2019 in 20:34

2. Women don't want a hot guy so much as they want a guy whom they feel chemistry with.

By Rambled 19.01.2019 in 07:44

I seriously think this is my fave on this entire site

By Coghill 23.01.2019 in 02:21

blonde laying flat on all fours

By Rainless 27.01.2019 in 02:54

come April - maybe the "members" will appreciate what a great job - DU and Jack do ? I know I do (y)

By Karenin 03.02.2019 in 09:42

Yes! Much Yes! Very Yes!

By Knaps 06.02.2019 in 06:10

What a cutie! Nice little butt :)

By Gotland 15.02.2019 in 12:01

white tank with writing Kili S

By Uncanny 20.02.2019 in 14:01

The same day he dumped me, I got into a car accident. I called him crying and he said "I'm coming up there to see you now. I'll be there soon." 20 mins later... "I can't. It's too much. I'm sorry."

By Satanas 23.02.2019 in 05:14

brunette daisy path black tubetop pit legs

By Drivers 25.02.2019 in 06:17


By Ovarian 26.02.2019 in 15:58

First off your not drinker she is. Your laid back she's not. So just might be some hi, where you live type of general questions. Did you want a girl friend that drinks where your not a drinker. Shes seem more of girls night out chick drinking shots getting wasted. Might want to look else where for someone that's not into the social events. When you didn't take the shots offer makes you seem boring to them. Not a part of their drinking crowd.

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