How To Travel When Asthma is a Problem

Travelers who suffer from asthma symptoms follow strict guidelines for planning vacations and preventing uncomfortable situations. The right plan ensures that travelers have a great vacation without symptoms. Reviewing how to travel with asthma gives travelers further insight into creating a better trip.

How the Weather Affects Asthma Patients

When reviewing the destination, it is important the traveler considers how cold it gets at their destination. If it is icy or snow-prone in the winter, the cold air causes spasms in the airways and increases the frequency of wheezing and coughing. The individual is more likely to develop the flu or a common cold due to the extremely cold temperatures. It is necessary to assess the temperatures during the trip and how many people the individual might come in direct contact with.

What Physical Activities Will the Traveler Participate in During the Trip?

Patients with well-managed asthma can do pretty much anything they want within reason. However, those who don’t have better control over their asthma have to plan activities according to their current lung capacity and how often symptoms arise. Physical activities in extreme temperatures aren’t recommended for asthma sufferers. When planning a vacation, the traveler considered how much walking they will do outside.

Avoiding Pollen Whenever Possible

Asthma sufferers see an increase in symptoms due to allergies that are triggered by pollen. When reviewing the density of pollen, it is vital for the travel to find an area during the spring that doesn’t have widespread pollen that might trigger a reaction. For example, in the early months of spring, the US has a higher-than-average amount of pollen present in the air. Residents in the southern states often wake up to thick layers of pollen on automobiles and porches. This could present unsavory conditions for asthma patients who want to travel to those areas.

Travelers who want to travel without asthma symptoms are encouraged to review certain factors about the destination. For example, the current weather conditions might aggravate asthma symptoms and make things unpleasant for the traveler. Travelers who are planning a vacation can review further tips at for a better trip.

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