Tips for a Miami Boat Rental

Whether individuals reside in Miami or are just visiting, spending time on and near the water is a given. The miles of beautiful beaches and warm weather throughout the year make water activities a part of the Miami experience. Consider a miami boat rental when planning a water-based event. Keep reading for tips and suggestions about renting a boat for beginners.

Choose a Boat Based on the Activity

Individuals need to look at what type of boat will best serve their needs and desires. Those that want to go fishing will want to rent a fishing boat. Others wishing to enjoy a party or a relaxing day on the water may want to consider a pontoon boat or a yacht. Finally, those planning to partake in water-skiing or snorkeling may wish to use a ski or deck boat.

Book Early

During the peak vacation season, boat rentals can be fully reserved quickly. As soon as an individual knows their event date or vacation dates, book the rental to ensure their top choice is available.

Obtain a Boating License if Necessary

Individuals choosing a boating rental they will be piloting the boat themselves will need to obtain either a temporary or permanent boating license. Many boat rental companies will provide an on-site exam to customers so they can get the necessary boating license. A boating license would not be necessary when renting a yacht that includes a captain and crew.

Ensure Proper Safety Equipment

No one wants to consider the possibility that their fun day on the water will involve an accident or another type of trouble, but it pays to be prepared. Make sure the boat has the proper safety equipment, including life jackets for all passengers and crew, an anchor, a horn or whistle, and adequate fuel. Consider if appropriate first aid equipment is available in case of an injury on the vessel.

Choose Excellent Customer Service

Look for a water sports rental company with excellent customer service. Customers will want a rental company that takes the extra time to listen carefully to make sure a customer’s day on the water will be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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